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The Korean word 'SU' means 'hand' and 'JOK' means foot. Sujok is a comprehensive and systematic method of treating diseases and ailments. This drug-less therapy was invented by Prof. Park Jae Woo and it includes an integrated system of healing through Accupressure, Accupuncture, Magnet, Seeds, Colours, Twist therapy, Smile meditation, Triorigin theory, Six ki and five elements theory and Mudras. 

The Sujok Therapy system uses a combination of physical energy & metaphysical or transcendental treatments for helping to heal specific organs, zones, meridians, energies and mental & emotional states of a person. Sujok is based on the knowledge that our hands and feet are the remote controls of our body and diseases can be cured by just stimulating the correct therapeutic points. 


  1. Determine the particular area of the body the pathology is located and to find its correspondence area on the hand or the foot using reference lines.

  2. The stimulation point is selected by pressing uniformly on all the points in the presumed correspondence area with a special diagnostic stick. 

  3. Therapeutic points can be distinguished from the other points by their acute tenderness when being mechanically pressed.

  4. Tenderness appearing when a diagnostic stick hits the therapeutic point is often accompanied by the patient's reaction in the form of muscle tension or involuntary movement. 


Stimulation of correspondence points can be performed using various massage techniques : interrupted pressure, pinching, rubbing, vibration, twirling or linear massage. Hyperaemia (skin reddening) in the correspondence area is observed and heat sensations appear in case the massage is performed correctly. ​

Besides manual massage, some of the other methods to stimulate the corresponding points can be done with a diagnostic probe, wonder ring, roller massagers, magnets, seeds and colours. Acupuncture channelises the energy through meridians and chakras,  lines and zones, points and joints. 

Energy Exchange - AED 150 per session 

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