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Posture Alignment and Movement Educator,

Sujok and Dorn Therapist,

Certified plant-based nutritionist, 

Trained black belt in Taekwondo, 

Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours Yoga teacher

Certified Personal Trainer

Researcher PhD student

Passionate self-taught Artist

Being a Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness coach, I specialize in promoting positive body image through weight loss as well as disease prevention, management and reversal.  I am incredibly passionate about holistic approaches to health, nutrition and fitness, using simple, natural and effective techniques. This skill set enables me to work with my clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


I was born and brought up in India and completed my Masters in Education and also Masters in Counselling. At the age of 23, I had a slipped disc and ever since had to be extremely cautious of protecting my spine health. Despite the hurdles I faced, pregnancy was a smooth sail and I went on to normally deliver my two sons. The biggest challenge was to maintain a healthy back for which I had to lose all the extra kilos I gained during pregnancy. Losing 10 kgs was a breeze which I achieved by just walking. The next 10 kg surely seemed an uphill ride.


After reading numerous books on nutrition and fitness, I turned vegan in 2013 and enrolled myself for Taekwondo training with my boys. In no time, I developed a profound interest in Raw food and Wholefood plant-based diet. This transition made sure I lost the next 10 kgs safely.


With a strong belief in the wholefood plant-based diet, I decided to pursue Plant-based nutrition course from eCornell university. At the same time, came the call for ‘Yoga Teacher’s Training course’ which proved the fact that good work starts from the inside out. Reconnecting with my breath and synchronizing it with movement was the finest part of asana practice. It is important for each one of us to have a good relationship with our mats as it creates an amazing connection with our Mother Earth. In electrical engineering, the earthing system protects a structure from lightning attacks. Hence for a strong mind and body, yoga plays a significant role.


In late 2015, I developed an injury on my Acromio clavicular joint (shoulder) which brought my asana practice to a standstill. Having spent one month at Dharamshala for the Yoga Teacher’s Training course, my mind quietened and I developed a better understanding of my body. I constantly reminded myself that with dedication and time, the physical practice will develop and that I have to just listen to my own unique body. I learned that Yoga is a practice, there is no failing. There is no end goal, no winning or losing. As yoga is all about self-study, self-inquiry and self-discovery, I am still learning, practicing and growing.


A very passionate ‘Eco Warrior’, I have been spreading the awareness of reducing plastic bag consumption in the society. I run an initiative called ‘Give a Tee take a Bag’ where my volunteers and I collect old t-shirts and sew them into produce bags free of charge.

April 2018 - Pursued my studies in Sujok Therapy, certified by the International Sujok Association. 

July 2018 - Got an opportunity to study upto Stage two Mudra Therapy, based on the Triorigin Hand Mudras and Smile Mudras.


September 2018 - Had the privilege to study Dorn Therapy under the guidance of Dr. Subash Mani. This is certified by the International Dorn Movement of Germany. 

October 2018 - Attended a 5-day workshop on Twist Therapy conducted by the International Sujok Association. 


May 2019 - Attended a 5-day continuing education program on Triorigin Acupuncture, conducted by the International Sujok Association. 

October 2021 - Qualified as a certified Personal Trainer from Brookbush Institute which is certified by ACE, NASM, ACSM, REPS and Yoga Alliance.  


May 2023 - Researcher PhD student at Manipal GlobalNxt University


My other interests include painting, sewing, music and burning on wood (pyrography). I also love cycling, hiking and travelling with my family.

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