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1998 - The year i suffered from slipped disc

2000 - A few months after giving birth to our first son. 

2002 - When our 2nd son was born

2003 - Moved to Singapore

2004 - suffered from tail bone fracture


2006 - The year i dropped down to 68kgs  by just exercising. 



2010 - During our year long stay in Bangkok

2011 - The year we moved to Auckland

2012 - Getting stronger

The year i enrolled for Taekwondo lessons with my boys. 

2013 - Just before giving up hair colour and opting for a wholefoods plant-based diet


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Celebrating the first anniversary of giving up hair colour and enjoying a lighter frame. 














2015 - Celebrating 40 years of existence 

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2016 - Mum and sons graduate as certified Yoga Teachers


Then and now

Enjoying good health with yoga and proper nutrition 

lifting boys.jpg

Lifting my sons who weigh 70+ kgs

Chaturanga dandasana.jpg

Working on challenging asanas

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