Posture is a misconceived term in today’s world. The typical person looks at posture from an aesthetic perspective. Theoretically, the major junctions of joints align themselves vertically for perfect posture alignment. When the joints are stacked well, the body feels robust and at ease. Anyone who finds it difficult to maintain the posture is bound to experience musculoskeletal imbalance, which may cause discomfort in the body. A proper posture is intricate networking between various systems in our body.


This is a 7 week program covering all one needs to get initiated into proper posture alignment.


Week 1 - Greet your feet 

  • Standing on the feet requires balance and equal distribution of body weight on the left and right sides.

  • Create awareness on vertical and horizontal alignment in the body


Week 2 - Tall Standing 

  • Observe students for flat feet, pronation, supination, hyperextension of knees, pelvic alignment and suggest exercises accordingly.

  • Teach weight-bearing points on the feet


Week 3 -Tall Sitting

  • Sitting on a chair for long hours

  • Sitting cross-legged on a chair

  • Sitting on the ground

  • Squatting


Week 4 - Smart walking

  • Theory of core and glute engagement

  • Pelvic tilt

  • Reverse walking


Week 5 - Sleeping right

  • Sleeping on belly

  • Sleeping on back and sides

  • Correct use of pillows

  • Waking up in the morning


Week 6 - Safe forward bending

  • Hip hinge


Week 7 - Daily activities

  • Working at desk/computer

  • Sitting in car

  • Reading/writing

  • Texting and attending phone calls

  • Focussed breathing

  • Watching TV

  • Carrying a bag

  • Riding a bicycle