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Welcome to my Yoga shala!


I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with my students in a way that is easily accessible and meaningful. Yoga is not an exercise but a way of life. The ultimate aim of yoga is not to achieve the ‘perfect figure’ but to reach a state of mind where your mind and body are in unison.


I believe that the mind-body connection is incredibly important not just in our yoga practice, but in our daily lives too. The work we do on the mat should extend into our life off the mat. Every small step taken towards achieving the personal goal will make a big difference. When we take time to slow down and observe, we act from a place from within ourselves. Yoga teaches us to respond than react to a situation.


My classes are infused with an insight into yoga philosophy, creative sequences, precise alignment, breath awareness, and meditation in motion and stillness, inviting individuals to learn from their own unique experience. Being a nutritionist, I like to create a safe space and an opportunity for each student to ‘rediscover’ their relationship to food and their body image. My intention is to provide a sacred space in which self development is encouraged and personal well being is improved.


While I enjoy the study and teaching of asana alignment, my greatest joy as a teacher is to see my students surprise themselves and discover what their own magnificent bodies are capable of, all while relieving stress and tension, and bringing about change in their hearts, minds, and bodies.


Yoga has become trendy. It is everywhere, in magazines, in fashion, in gyms, in schools and community centres. However, for many, it is intimidating. For all the advertising and promotion that yoga receives through social media, there’s still a misconception that if you can’t touch your nose to your knees, you can’t do yoga. As Krishnamacharya rightly said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” You just need to give it a try and experience.


My goal is to make yoga available and accessible to all people who could benefit from it, not just those with a high level of fitness or flexibility. I focus on yoga as a way to serve an individual's unique physical condition and lifestyle, not as a means of achieving the "perfect" body or posture




  • Do you love yoga but feel that you are caught up in your own schedule to make it a sustainable practice?

  • Do you want to feel more ease, flexibility and vigour in your body?

  • Do you suffer from any injuries that makes you want to progress at your own pace?

  • Are you a person who would like to loosen the grip of your past traumas and emotional blocks?

  • Have you experienced a life change and feel an imbalance in life?

  • Are you feeling unhappy with the way your body works and would like to befriend yourself?

  • Do you want to deepen your relaxation and feel at ease when the storm of life gets crazy?

Come and join me for yoga lessons. Message for details.

Students are invited to embark on a powerful journey filled with self-commitment. Enjoy each session and emerge feeling alive, calm, alert, and in tune with your best self.




My private lessons are specifically catered to any individual keen to reverse their lifestyle diseases like Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity.  As your private yoga teacher, I take your needs, desires and goals and turn them into a practice that is supportive for you. The practice of yoga serves to bring us into better balance in our lives, bodies, hearts and minds.




Diabetes is a serious disease that affects the way the body metabolises food. Diabetics don’t produce adequate amounts of insulin for cells to be able to take in the glucose that our bodies produce. Thіs is generally regarded as an incurable disease in the medical terminology.


Today, more and more people are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. There is a common perception that the most common reason why people get Type II is often due to poor diet, obesity and a lifestyle that doesn’t include exercise. This is not always true - you could be fit, lean, eat right and still have Type II.  


Yoga can help people with diabetes, but every individual is different, and needs specific attention. Not every diabetes is the same, and not every diabetic has the same problems. During my lessons, the main focus will be on detoxification, stimulating the internal organs, circulation, regeneration, proper breathing and relaxation along with dietary guidelines based on a Whole food plant-based diet.  


‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.’ Do not make Diabetes your identity. Instead, consider it as a spiritual experience to take you on an inward journey, closer to self realisation. With a dedicated practice and a change in lifestyle, you are bound to see yourself free from any medication.




In this generation, we find heart disease common amongst both old and young people. Lifestyle is one of the main building blocks for health.  What you do today can affect your health for years to come. Taking the appropriate steps to modify behaviour and decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease now, can have a dramatic impact later in life.


Yoga is designed to bring about increased physical, mental and emotional well-being. By slowly stretching the body into a variety of poses, gently exercises the muscles which is good for your heart and blood vessels. Pranayama and Meditation helps slow the breathing rate. Taking fewer and deeper breaths lowers our blood pressure and calms the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for generating stress hormones.

As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, yoga can help lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function and heart rate, and boost circulation and muscle tone. It can also improve your overall well-being while offering strength-building benefits. The calming effects of yoga helps patients go through depression and emotions ranging from anxiety to grieving.

A long-term sustained yoga practice combined with a whole food plant based diet plays a significant role in preventing or reversing heart disease caused by blockage of arteries. Within a few weeks, you may see a dramatic increase in energy quotient and a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

‘Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.’ When a yogic way of life is practised from deep within, you will unwind and give yourself an opportunity to develop your mind and body for healing and growth.



Obesity is a substantial public health crisis internationally, with the prevalence increasing rapidly in numerous industrialised nations. Once considered a problem only in high income countries, obesity is now dramatically on the rise in low and middle income countries, particularly in urban settings. It is a major risk factor for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


Obesity occurs over time when you eat more calories than you use. The balance between calories-in and calories-out differs for each person. Factors that might affect your weight include your genetic makeup, overeating, eating high-fat foods, and not being physically active. There are also some underlying health conditions that can occasionally contribute to weight gain. Dietary changes, increased physical activity and psychological help to change the way you think about food and eating, can help you lose weight.

Yoga can appear to be a very daunting practice especially with endless images of picture-perfect yogis wandering around on their hands. Some people are naturally quite flexible, or strong. While your Instagram or Facebook feed could be full of super yogic asanas, it is wise to stop comparison and remember that every person is a unique individual. Everyone practices yoga for their own respective reason. Throughout the journey, it is prudent to check with yourself the reason for the path, what yoga means to you and why you practice.


Yoga teaches awareness of the self, which is important for long-term change. The mental component of yoga—the deep breathing, positive meditation and awareness—can boost confidence for people of all waistlines. Yoga helps give you insight, and perhaps that insight can help you make better choices and eliminate negative self-talk. While most fitness programs focus on burning calories, yoga makes you more aware of your postural alignment.


Food is a main factor in weight loss, what you are eating and how much. A regular yoga practice can raise your level of awareness to help you make healthier eating choices and decrease mindless eating. As yoga is a breath practice, it makes your body use oxygen more effectively, lowering your stress levels. If you breathe properly, you will have better clarity of mind and end up eating less.


Yoga isn't about competition, and it's not about perfection. Use the practice as an opportunity to connect with your mind and body. Loving yourself is the only way to true health.


Resistance bands are versatile, effective, affordable, and portable training tools that offer a significant advantage to fitness routines and rehabilitative exercises. They are proven to increase strength and stability while burning fat and toning lean muscle. Bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every muscle group in the entire body.














  • Train anywhere anytime to help you activate, stabilise, train and recover

  • People of any age group and athletic ability range can work with bands

  • Portability – No more excuses to avoid workouts during travel. You can perform a Powerband workout everywhere and those tiny and lightweight bands will fit into every luggage or backpack. 

  • They can add an extra challenge to any exercise move and they are the easiest way to make body weight exercises more effective.

  • They boost muscle strength and functional performance 

  • Band training improves your balance, flexibility, mobility and power.

  • It’s a whole body workout, addressing strength, cardio and fat loss.

  • Forces your core to be on call all the time as a dynamic stabiliser.

Students will have to bring their own set of bands for the session.

Come and learn the correct body alignment and technique to use resistance bands. 

Engage your muscles, feel good and move right. 

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