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The last year of school life is a very stressful period for both students and their families. While preparing for admission tests, writing the best possible personal statement, applying to universities, and appearing for the grade 12 final exams all fall in place with time, one thing that students are underprepared for is 'transitioning into university life' and the skills one must possess to embrace it. 

Most university first-years settle down very well but what they miss the most is home and home-cooked meals. For students on a catered meal plan, everything goes well for a couple of months but afterwards, either monotony or health issues settle in. So, here is a very special 4-day program designed purely for schools leavers where they are introduced to the following:


DAY 1(10 am - 1 pm)

  • Knowing your kitchen ingredients

  • Reading labels of food products

  • How to prepare a shopping list and shop wisely

  • How to grow sprouts 

  • Ancient wisdom in a modern world (suited to university students)

DAY 2 (10 am - 2 pm)

  • Setting up a small kitchen for university life

  • Basics of wholefood plant-based cooking which can be applied to any dietary pattern:

    • Chopping veggies - Please bring along a knife and cutting board

    • Preparing one pot meals 

    • Smoothies and nut shakes

    • Wraps

    • Curries

    • Quick snacks

    • Sugar-free raw desserts that can be prepared in 5 mins

DAY 3 (10 am - 1 pm)

  • Essential home remedies for the onset of cold, cough, fever, or digestive issues. 

  • Must-know acupressure points for emergency situations

  • Folding clothes - Please bring along a t-shirt or shirt and track pant

  • Ironing clothes

  • Sewing a button

  • How to lead an eco-friendly life at university

DAY 4 (10 am - 12 pm)

​Managing Money

  • Banking

  • Wire transfer

  • Credit and Debit cards

  • FX rates

  • Online banking

  • Saving Credit card details on websites

CHOICE : Boon or Bane

  • Time Management

  • Academics

  • Extracurricular activities

  • What counts from a career point of view

  • Stay focussed on the GOAL

Q & A session

The maximum number of students per batch will be 10. 


Enrolling your school leaving children for this workshop will give you the peace of mind that they are well-prepared to fend for themselves. Leaving the nest is an emotional period for both children and parents. Make this transition an easier one! 





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