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This is a non-invasive spectral testing method which uses electromagnetic wave signals in the body to determine your health. 

Get a complete body scan done and receive the health report as a pdf copy sent to your email id. ​

  1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular 

  2. Gastrointestinal Function

  3. Large Intestine Function

  4. Liver Function

  5. Gall Bladder Function

  6. Pancreatic Function

  7. Kidney Function

  8. Lung Function

  9. Brain Nerve Analysis

  10. Bone Disease

  11. Bone Mineral Density

  12. Rheumatoid Bone Disease

  13. Bone Growth Index

  14. Blood Sugar

  15. Trace Elements

  16. Vitamin

  17. Amino Acid

  18. Coenzyme

  19. Fatty Acid

  20. Endocrine System

  21. Immune System

  22. Thyroid analysis

  23. Human Toxins

  24. Heavy Metals

  25. Basic Physical Quality

  26. Allergy Analysis

  27. Obesity Analysis

  28. Skin Analysis

  29. Eye Analysis

  30. Collagen Analysis

  31. Channels and Collaterals

  32. Pulse of Heart and Brain

  33. Blood Lipids

  34. Gynecology (female)                                 Prostate (male)

  35. Breast Analysis (female)                            Male sexual function (male)                

  36. Menstrual cycle Analysis (female)          Sperm and Semen (male)       

  37. Element of Human Analysis

  38. Hand Analysis

  39. Comprehensive Report 


  • Test should be conducted 1 hour before or after a meal

  • Remove all metallic objects, phone etc

  • Remove shoes and socks

  • Ladies should not get this test done during her menstrual period

  • Patients with Pacemaker are prohibited from getting this test done

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