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Fasting is a common practice in many cultures, some do it for a single day while others for a whole month. Yet, many of us neglect the idea of fasting and label it as impractical or unhealthy. This workshop is a unique programme that will introduce various types of fasting and provide models which participants can follow and integrate into their daily lives. 


The programme will explain types of fasting such as:

  • Fruit Fasting

  • Juice Fasting

  • Raw Food Fasting

  • Water Fasting

  • Intermittent Fasting


For each type of fasting, there will be a detailed explanation regarding the benefits, timeframe, and diet plans for the participants. 


This is a workshop that can give an individual the knowledge required to heal their body through fasting and controlling their food intake. For today's scenario where poor health is widespread along with increasing medical bills, this is a great chance to learn a method of self-healing. 



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