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In these days, where our society suffers from so many ailments and we pursue solutions relentlessly, we forget that many of the answers lie in the wisdom of the ancient world. This workshop is an enlightening programme that will present a way of life influenced by the teachings of our ancestors. 

This programme explores:

  • The Art of Eating Food

  • The Art of Drinking Water

  • The Art of Sleeping

  • The Art of Breathing

  • The Art of Movement

In "The Art of Eating Food", participants will be presented with a few habits they should introduce before, during, and after their meals to ensure optimal digestion performance. Moreover, due to this digital age we live in, participants will be informed of ways in which they can connect with their food and disconnect from their devices. The workshop will also explore the five types of food and assess them based on their nutrient value and life energy force (pranic energy.)


In "The Art of Drinking Water", participants will be given knowledge as to the types of water they should drink or avoid, the recommended storage options for their water, and the way in which they should drink their water. 


In "The Art of Sleeping",  participants will be provided with tips pertaining to the direction in which they should sleep, the habits they should maintain and avoid before going to bed, and the sleep patterns suitable for their bodies.

In "The Art of Breathing", there will be a strong focus on the correct method of breathing and the yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) that can improve one's blood quality and stress management. Moreover, participants will be taught the lifestyle adjustments they can make to ensure optimal air quality in their surroundings. 


Lastly, in "The Art of Movement", the programme will focus on the exercise habits that one can inculcate in their life along with some tips to improve emotional balance and mental well-being in the quest for quantum health.


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